WhatsApp Groups: Join 2000+ WhatsApp Group Links 2020

WhatsApp Group links: If you are searching for public WhatsApp groups links then you have come to the right website.

Here on this website, you are going to find almost all kinds of WhatsApp group links where you can join them by simply clicking on the invite link.

Before you join any of our Whatsapp group link make sure you read all the groups rules and then join the groups if not you many violate the group rules and may get into trouble.

To join any of the WhatsApp groups from this website simply select any of the listed Whatsapp group and click on the WhatsApp group join link and once you have clicked on the link then it will redirect you to your WhatsApp account with options to join or cancel the groups.

If you have any WhatsApp group then do share that WhatsApp group invite link with us via the below comment box or click here to share.

Universal WhatsApp group rules:

If you join any group make sure you know the group rules so that you won’t be removed from the groups.

if you are going to join any group to share your website or any other then do join the group which allows sharing your websites.

I have shared advertisement groups as well. to know more rules of the group then ask the group admin.

  • Spamming is not allowed in the group
  • No fighting or abusing the other group members
  • You cannot share more than 5 messages in the group per day
  • You can share adult videos or photos
  • No ripping money if you are dealing with anything and much more.
  • Give respect and take respect from the members of the group
  • Do not personally message to any of the members of the group without there permission
  • Join the group at your own will & Risk
  • Stay active in the group for latest info
  • If you are facing any problem with the members in the group then contact the admin after joining the group
  • For more group rules please ask the admin after joining the WhatsApp group.

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How to join Whatsapp groups from WPKAKA.com

I have seen many people don’t know how to join WhatsApp group links. even tho I share the link they still comment there a number to add them in the group.

So this is especially for you people who comment on a number to add to the groups. Simply follow the below steps and you will be inside the group in 10 seconds.

  • First of all, open any of the WhatsApp group posts. which you want to join. [we have more than 200+ types of WhatsApp group links 2020]
  • In each post, you will find more than 300+ WhatsApp group links. simply click on any of the links.
  • That link will redirect you to your WhatsApp account. Once you enter your WhatsApp account. it will give you an option “Join Group”
  • Simply click on that joined group option & you will be inside the group. That’s it. You have learned how to join any public WhatsApp group invite link

2000+ WhatsApp Group Links

Here we have listed all kinds of WhatsApp groups along with another article that contains more than 300+ Whatsapp groups. so if you found any table that means its a separate post for a type of Whatsapp group. We have mentioned which type of group so if you are interested then do visit those posts.

Latest WhatsApp Groups Links

Here you will find all the latest groups which are added on a regular basis so if you want to join the latest groups then click on the below group and it will redirect you to your WhatsApp group. We also have a separate for new WhatsApp group links so if you want more new groups do check our new WhatsApp groups post.

Indian WhatsApp Groups Links list

Here in this section, you will find all kinds of groups from India and we update these groups on a regular basis. We have also added other related groups at the end of this section like Indian educational and a few others. so do check them and join if interested.

If you are searching for jobs and want to join job WhatsApp groups then check our separate post for WhatsApp job groups and join them.

More groups related to India

🏘️ Indian Real Estate WhatsApp Group 🏘️
Indian WhatsApp Groups Links
Desi WhatsApp group Invite link

Hindi WhatsApp Groups links

Hyderabadi WhatsApp Group links

If you want more Hyderabadi WhatsApp groups then do Click Here We have a separate post for Hyderabad with more then 300+ WhatsApp groups related to jobs, courses and many other related to Hyderabad. We also have a separate post for Hyderabadi real estate WhatsApp groups. If you into real estate then do join these groups and make sure you follow the rules.

Bangla WhatsApp Group Links

Gujarati WhatsApp Groups Links

Kannada WhatsApp Group invite links

Tamil WhatsApp Group Links

This section is specially dedicated to Tamil people where you will find all kind of group but the admin of these groups speak Tamil language and at the end of this post, we have also shared all the Tamil related groups like business, etc, etc.

Tamil WhatsApp Groups
Tamil Nadu real Estate WhatsApp groups
Chennai WhatsApp Groups
Tamil Pubg WhatsApp Groups

Marathi WhatsApp Group Links

Also Check other Maharastra Related Groups

  • Marathi WhatsApp Group links
  • Pune WhatsApp Groups
  • Mumbai WhatsApp Group Links
  • Mumbai Jobs WhatsApp Group join links
  • Mumbai Real estate WhatsApp Groups

Pakistani WhatsApp Group join link

Arab WhatsApp Group Links

Actor/Actress WhatsApp Groups Links

Allu Arjun Fans WhatsApp Groups
Mahesh Babu Fans WhatsApp Groups
NTR Fans WhatsApp Groups

Business WhatsApp Group Links

UAE Business WhatsApp Groups
Karnataka Business WhatsApp Groups
Tamil Nadu Business WhatsApp Groups

Real Estate WhatsApp Groups Links

Indian Real Estate WhatsApp Groups
Hyderabadi Real Estate WhatsApp Groups
Tamil Nadu Real Estate WhatsApp Groups

Educational WhatsApp Group Link Join

RRB WhatsApp Group Join Link
NEET WhatsApp Group link

Pubg WhatsApp Group join

pubg WhatsApp Groups. We have a separate list of pubg WhatsApp group links from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Nepal, and many other countries. If you are a hardcore pubg lover then you do need to check our countries based pubg groups post.

Coin Master WhatsApp Groups
Free Fire WhatsApp Groups
Youtube Sub 4 Sub WhatsApp Groups
NEET Exam WhatsApp Groups

Adult WhatsApp Group Links

18+ WhatsApp Groups
Hot WhatsApp Groups
P*rn WhatsApp Groups
Gay WhatsApp Groups
WhatsApp Group FAQ’s
What you will find on WP KAKA

The main aim of this website is to share any type of WhatsApp group links and all the other stuff related to WhatsApp groups. so below I have shared some of the stuff which you will find on whatsappgroupjoinlink.com

  • WhatsApp Group link (You will find any type of WhatsApp group links. All you need to do is explore this website)
  • WhatsApp Group names (You will find WhatsApp group names for friends, WhatsApp group names for Family, WhatsApp group names for girls & much more.)
  • WhatsApp Group DP
  • WhatsApp Numbers (These are the numbers of the user who want to join or want you to message them to join)
  • WhatsApp Group brief beginner guide & other related to WhatsApp group.
How to submit your WhatsApp Group Link to WPKaka.com

We accept “WhatsApp group links” from our users. But make sure you send the group name, Group rules along with your group link. You can send us in two ways which are listed below.

I will be updating your link to the related post within 2 days. It will be much better if you follow the 1st method to share your link with us.

  • By simply commenting on the group links
  • By sending your WhatsApp group link via the contact form.
How to Remove Your WhatsApp Group Invite Link from WPKaka

Well, I am sorry to say this but i cannot search your WhatsApp group link and remove it from the website.

It will consume a lot of time and Instead, you can simply revoke your WhatsApp group invite link which is very simple and I am really sorry to say this and I mean it. 

How to replay specific messages in a group?

Saw someone replying to a specific message and you wondered how to do the same then this is for you.

Sending a specific message to someone in a WhatsApp group is as simple as joining the WhatsApp group.

So simply follow the below steps and learn how to send.

  • First of all, Open the WhatsApp group and select the message to which you want to replay.
  • Now tap and hold on the message and you will get some options on the top bar.
  • Simply click on the left arrow mark and you will be able to replay to that message
  • That’s it. You have successfully learned how to send a specific message in WhatsApp group
How to create Whatsapp Group Link?
  • Open your WhatsApp Account> Click on he 3dots> Select “Create Group
  • Once you select “Create Group” It will ask you to add at least one person to the group. Simply add & click on the right arrow mark.
  • Now it will ask to add group name & group image. Simply set up and you are done.
How to add WhatsApp Group Description?

Whatsapp has recently given a description option for WhatsApp group that means you can now able to set description along with group name & Group image.

With the help of group description, you can let the group members know more about your group and group rules.

Simply follow the below steps and learn how to add the WhatsApp group description.

Note: This option is available only on the latest WhatsApp version. If you don’t find the description then please update your WhatsApp

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp account and open the group to which you want to add the group description
  • Below the group name, you will find an option “Add group description
  • Simply click on that “Add group description” and set your WhatsApp group description
How to copy the WhatsApp group link?

Created your WhatsApp group and don’t know to copy and share it with your friends and family members then this tutorial will guide you how to copy your WhatsApp group link and share it with your friends and family.

  • First, create your WhatsApp group then follow the below steps and learn.
  • After successfully creating your WhatsApp group now goto the group
  • Click on the group name and you will get the group info
  • Scroll down till you find the option “Invite via the link
  • Simply tap on the Invite via the link and you will find some option related to the WhatsApp group link
  • Select the option “Copy link” and you have successfully copied your WhatsApp group link.
  • Now you can share it with anyone and or anywhere to get members into your group. That’s It.
How to revoke the WhatsApp Group link?

Shared your WhatsApp group link somewhere and getting all spammers to your group and want to get rid of then revoking WhatsApp group invite link will help you stop new members to join your group.

so simply follow the below group revoke steps and make your WhatsApp group spammers free.

  • Open your WhatsApp messenger and open the group of which you want to revoke the group link
  • After opening the link simply tap on the group and you will get some group option.
  • Scroll down till you find “Invite via link” option and open it.
  • Now select the option “Revoke link” and you have successfully created new WhatsApp group invite link for your WhatsApp group.
  • Now no one will be able to join the group with the old WhatsApp group link. Whenever they try to join the WhatsApp group then will see “This group link is revoked
How to Tag/Mention someone in WhatsApp group?

Saw someone tagging you on WhatsApp groups? don’t know how they do it and you also want to learn how to tag people in WhatsApp group then this stuff is for you.

Follow the below steps and learn how to tag members in WhatsApp group like in facebook

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp messenger and open any of the group
  • Now type “@” and you will get the list of group members mobile numbers.
  • Simply click the personal mobile number and HE/SHE will be tagged to your WhatsApp group message.

NOTE: You can only tag members who are present in the group

How to Exit Whatsapp Group?
  • Open your WhatsApp account and goto the group which you want to exit.
  • Now, tap on the group name and scroll down till the end of the WhatsApp group.
  • Now you will find 2 options
  • 1. Exit Group
  • 2. Report Spam
  • Simply click on the exit group and you will be out of the group.
How to Check who saw your message on WhatsApp group
  • Open your WhatsApp group in which you have sent the text now simply tap and hold the WhatsApp group and you will get some options like Delete, copy, forward, star and 3dots
  • Click on that 3dots and you will find an option called info simply select the option Info and you will get Read by & Delivered to
  • In reading by the option, you will find all the contacts who read the message and in the delivery option, you will find all the contacts to whom the message is delivered.
  • That’s it. You have learned how to check who saw and to whom your messages are delivered.
How to mute WhatsApp group Notifications?
  • First, open the WhatsApp group which you want to mute.
  • Now click on the group name and you will see the options to edit the name of the WhatsApp group and image.
  • Below that you will find an option called Mute Notifications.
  • Simply Enable that and you have successfully kept the WhatsApp group mute.
How to make someone WhatsApp Group admin?
  • Goto your WhatsApp group and click on the name of the group
  • Now select the user number which you want o make an admin.
  • Simply click on the user number and you will get some options
  • Select the option “Make Admin” and he/she will the co-admin of your group.
  • That’s it. You have successfully made someone admin of your group.

Hope you have successfully joined these WhatsApp groups without facing any problem

Do share your WhatsApp group join links with us via the below comment box

We accept any kind of WhatsApp group invite link

If you found any of the group links is revoked or saying that the group does not exist then let us know about that group. so that we will replace that group link with a new one.

Share this post with your friends & family members who are interested to join Whatsapp groups.

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