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WhatsApp Group names for friends 2020

whatsapp group names for friends

WhatsApp Group Names for Friends: Hey Guys, Welcome back to WP Kaka where you will find all types of  WhatsApp related stuff.

So this time we are back with WhatsApp Group Names for Friends so if you are looking for a WhatsApp group name for your friend’s group then this is for you.

We have more than 300+ group names for both boys and girls and we have shared all types of categories like WhatsApp group names for friends, WhatsApp group names for close friends, WhatsApp group names for best friends, WhatsApp group names for engineering friends, Random WhatsApp group names for friends and much more.

simply select whichever the category you want and choose the best suitable name for your friend’s group. So simply follow the below list and select the name for your friend’s group.

WhatsApp Group Names for Friends – 3,4,5 people

whatsapp group names for friends

These types of WhatsApp group names are for those people who have no more than 3 to 5 friends in their WhatsApp group. so if you have this type of WhatsApp friends group then this is especially for you people.

Simply select any of the names from the below list and set as your WhatsApp group name for friends.

We have a very less list of this category but soon we will update the list with more names so stay updated if you are looking for this kind of name.

Fantastic FourHattrick!Chaukadi
3 IdiotsFamous FourChaar Bandar
Fanatic FiveAwesome FoursomeFamous Five
Five StarsFive DonsPanja [5]
Six StarsSpectacular SixInsane Seven
Navratri (Group of 9)Seven Wonders

WhatsApp Group Names for Close friends

whatsapp group names for close friends

These WhatsApp group names for close friends like who keep on teasing each other instead of without hesitating. so if you are looking for WhatsApp group names for close friends then this is the best suitable category for you to choose from.

so simply select any of your choices and set as your WhatsApp group name. You can even suggest any of the names with us via the comment box below so that i will list the name in the related category.

RockstarsThe InsomniacsRock & Roll
Fabulous fiveThe HerdThe Jumping Jacks
Chatter BoxOnly singlesNadaan Parindey
Life for friendsSilent killersGame Changers
The FolksThe Desert RosesThe Drifters
House Of HuntersAwesome BlossomsWe talk a lot
HangoverTeenagersFantastic 4
Friends ForeverWandering MindsBachelor’s Party
The Alpha & OmegaMountain MoversFriends for life
The InvinciblesDil Dosti etc.Smartness overloaded
Chor BazaarKingdomFab 5
Chagu MangusThree IdiotsBuddies for Life
Last benchersUnlimited talksMusic Maniacs
No more singles

WhatsApp Group Names for Best friends

whatsapp group names for best friends

These group names for best friends. with whom you share anything and everything. so if you have a group for your best friends then this is one of the best suitable lists of names for your WhatsApp group.

so if you are looking for the group name this simply select any of the names from below. We have more than 50+ WhatsApp group names in this list and updating the list regularly.

  1. Chat Lounge
  2. Just do it
  3. Hopeless group
  4. Just talk
  5. Unfired
  6. Open Book
  7. The Unknowns
  8. Blockheads
  9. All Us Single Ladies
  10. No Spamming
  11. Ninjas
  12. Smile, please
  13. Feel free to write
  14. Tech Ninjas
  15. risk
  16. Crazy world
  17. Pepsi Mates
  18. Coffee lovers
  19. Eleven Eagles
  20. Junior Stunts
  21. Eight Eggs
  22. Sixteen Looser
  23. Thirteen Thunders
  24. Devils Workshop
  25. Brown Band
  26. Boiled Boxers
  27. Grocery Gals
  28. Skinny Snakes
  29. Glacier Gadgets
  30. Secret LosersThe Back Benchers
  31. X Mate
  32. Masti Maza
  33. 3 Idiots
  34. Enter at Your Risk
  35. So-Called Engineers
  36. Teenagers
  37. The Back Benchers
  38. Life and Music
  39. Chatter Box
  40. Devils VS Angels
  41. The Spartans
  42. Wandering Minds
  43. Langoti Friends
  44. ABCD Dosts
  45. Dil Ke Dost
  46. Friends For Life
  47. Busted Minds
  48. Rock and Roll
  49. 3 idiots
  50. Fab 5
  51. Dil Dosti
  52. Teenagers
  53. Hang Over
  54. Snoring Mates
  55. We Talk A Lot
  56. Shopping Thieves
  57. Legal Bachelors
  58. Bingo Wives
  59. Cherry Choppers
  60. Higher Drifters
  61. Hindi Hands
  62. Local Losers
  63. Six Spoons
  64. Little Moons
  65. Crap Collectors
  66. Buddies for Life
  67. Beware Brothers
  68. We Tie Until We Die
  69. Best School Friends
  70. Best Buddies In Life
  71. Friends Forever
  72. Banish Gang
  73. Nonsense Group
  74. Golden Gang
  75. Tough Team
  76. Green Gang
  77. Republic of Restless
  78. Ignorant Buddies
  79. Freaky Friends
  80. Self Warmish Thoughts
  81. Chat Phobia
  82. Nonstop Chatters
  83. Friends Tent
  84. Bachelor’s
  85. Stupid and Idiotic
  86. Changu Mangus
  87. Amazing Pals
  88. Chor Bazaar
  89. Counter Strike Batch
  90. Fabulous friends
  91. Lucky Charms
  92. Immense Potential Girls
  93. Five Idiots
  94. Lazy Stragglers
  95. Nonsense Nine
  96. Twenty Panda
  97. Ten Toppers
  98. Seven Smokers
  99. Magical Mental
  100. Unstable Women
  101. Fruitful Flightiest
  102. High School Heels
  103. Wrong Numbers
  104. Weird Clicks
  105. Scatty Girls
  106. Fastest Fifteen
  107. Figuratively Speakers
  108. Fabulous Five
  109. Valley Racers
  110. Waste Brains
  111. Bingo Bikers
  112. Valet Minds
  113. Childhood Choppers
  114. Clever Cats
  115. Trolls of disgust

Cool WhatsApp Group Names for Best Friends

  • So called Engineers
  • Lions
  • Don’t spoil it
  • Hackers
  • Don’t join
  • Type Till You Ripe
  • Atomic Reactors
  • Walky Talky
  • Playing my way
  • Full On
  • Crazy Engineers
  • Crazy people
  • The Spartans
  • Drink Dudes
  • Innocent girls
  • Walky Talky
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dil Dhadakane Do
  • zindagi na milegi dobara
  • No girls
  • When is the Party
  • Best Dudes
  • Rocking Stars
  • Let’s Party Guys
  • Life Suckers
  • Love is Life
  • Cool Boys
  • We Are One
  • Keep “Typing…..
  • My Amigos
  • Free Birds
  • We Are Lovers
  • We All Are Still Young
  • Kick-Ass boys
  • Non Stop Chat
  • Super Heroes
  • Hackers
  • We are Hulks
  • Check my dp (display picture)
  • Trash
  • Recycle Bin
  • Chaos
  • Designated Drinkers
  • Play your way
  • The Trouble Makers
  • Non-Stop Pings
  • Keep “typing…”
  • The Walkie Talkies
  • Sports lovers
  • Glowing stars
  • Country’s future weapons
  • Status King
  • Xplosion
  • Blast

Funny WhatsApp Group Names for Friends (Boys & Girls)

These are some of the funny group names which you can set for friends group. these lists ifs a mixture of names for both girls and boys so simply go through the list and select the name and we are sorry for the mixture of both boys & girls in a single list.

This funny WhatsApp Group names for friends list contains 50+ names and counting. We update this list regularly as well.

  • Bad Men Got Together
  • unSocial Stars
  • FBI-Female Body Inspectors
  • Let’s Party Guys
  • Time Wasters
  • Game of Phones
  • Bhaia ji Smile
  • Jio Chatters
  • The Adventures Of Texting
  • Silence Isn’t Golden Here
  • Changu Mangus
  • Protectors of Superman
  • 404! Group name does not exist
  • WhatsApp Fund Raiser
  • None of your Business
  • Don’t Check ours-Create Your Own group
  • Smile Please
  • The Awakening
  • No Porn
  • Searching For Group Name
  • Gangs Of WhatsAppur
  • Admin wife
  • Girlfriend wanted
  • Lolo I am Batman
  • OMG you funny
  • Love poems
  • Dewitt, I rose
  • Funny boys
  • Classmate life
  • Style girl
  • OH! Miss ILU
  • Sunny mam
  • Test of Love
  • Hot boy collection
  • Anime fun school
  • Laughing-house
  • Laughing Might Help
  • Laugh Club
  • laughing colure
  • Laughing Times
  • Laugh Corner
  • Laugh Like Hell
  • single laughing
  • Laughter therapy
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Laughter Unlimited
  • The Laughing Booth
  • Laughing Colours Best Post
  • stock laughing
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Laugh Line
  • Laughter Medals
  • joke and laughing
  • Laughing OUT Loudly
  • its laughing center
  • Laughter Express
  • perfect laughs
  • Wonder mom
  • Love, Laugh & Enjoy
  • Non-Veg Friends
  • Let’s utilize precious time

WhatsApp Group Names for Engineering Friends

whatsapp group names for engineering friends
  • unSocial Stars
  • Sadda Adda
  • FBI-Female Body Inspectors
  • Ghanta Engineers
  • Sanskari Boys
  • Utha Le Re Baba
  • Karenge Daaru Party
  • 3 Idiots
  • Group Of Idiots
  • Group of engineers
  • Chat Stars
  • Udhaari Group
  • Group Of Mad Max
  • Max Star Non Stop
  • Idiotic Angles
  • Udhar Ki Zindagi
  • Electronic Buddies
  • Civilians Who Aren’t
  • Mechanical Monsters
  • Computer Conquerors
  • Robo Sapiens
  • 440 V Group
  • 11kV Shockers
  • Transformers
  • The Earth Movers (Mining Engineers)
  • Ping Pong
  • So Called Engineers
  • Five Point Someone
  • Hostel B
  • The Gatekeepers
  • ATKT Group One
  • Software Coolies
  • Software Junkies
  • Go Live Group
  • Bad Code Base
  • Real Time Compilers
  • Bad Coders
  • Code Crackers

Random WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

  • Recycle Bin
  • Designated Drinkers
  • Chat Stars
  • Chaos
  • Play your way
  • Status King
  • Playing my way
  • Crazy Engineers
  • Don’t spoil it
  • So called Engineers
  • Type Till You Ripe
  • Walky Talky
  • Atomic Reactors
  • Full On
  • The Trouble Makers
  • Keep “typing…”
  • Glowing stars
  • The Walkie Talkies
  • Country’s future weapons
  • Xplosion
  • Lions
  • Non-Stop Pings
  • Blast
  • Sports lovers
  • Don’t join
  • Hackers
  • Crazy people
  • Trash
  • Don’t spoil it
  • The Chamber of Secrets
  • So called Engineers
  • The Desert Roses
  • Lions
  • The Drifters
  • The Trouble Makers
  • The Foodies
  • Keep “typing…”
  • The Now Married
  • Glowing stars
  • The Posse
  • The Walkie Talkies
  • The Public Square
  • Country’s future weapons
  • All Us Single Ladies
  • Xplosion
  • Awesome Blossoms
  • Status King Block Heads
  • Blast
  • Busy Buddies
  • Sports lovers
  • Chunky Monkeys
  • Don’t join
  • Civil Disobedients
  • Hackers
  • Etc Etc Etc
  • Type Till You Ripe
  • Fabulousness
  • Walky Talky
  • Fraandship
  • Atomic Reactors
  • Gangnam Style
  • Full On Go Getters
  • Playing my way
  • Gossip Geese
  • Crazy Engineers
  • Full House
  • The Menly Men
  • The Galfriends
  • The Nerd Herd
  • The Geek Bank
  • The Queen Bees
  • The Gift of Gab
  • The Rooftop
  • The Jumping Jacks
  • The Rowdy Buggers
  • Strong Bong
  • The Singles
  • The Lady Killers
  • The So and So
  • The Walkie Talkies
  • The Talent Pool
  • The Woodchucks
  • The Trouble Makers
  • Hungry for Trouble
  • The Spartons
  • Market Yard
  • Crazy people
  • Phone Pals
  • Trash
  • Pin Drop Nonsense
  • Busy Buddies
  • Recycle Bin
  • Recycle Bin
  • Sup Group
  • Designated Drinkers
  • Swag Partners
  • Chaos
  • Tech Ninjas
  • Play your way
  • Text Masters
  • Non-Stop Pings
  • The 39ers
  • The Alter Egos
  • The Abusement Park
  • The Bum Chums

How to Change/Edit WhatsApp Group Name

Well, If you are beginners in the WhatsApp group and don’t know how to change or edit the group name then this is for you people. So simply follow the below steps and learn how to edit or change the WhatsApp group name.

  • First of all, Open your WhatsApp messenger app on your mobile phone
  • After opening the WhatsApp, Select the WhatsApp group of which you want to edit or change the group name
  • Now tap on the group name and you will see a pencil icon beside the name of the group. That pencil icon is nothing but edit symbol
  • Simply click on that icon and you will be able to change the name of the group. The limit of the group name characters is 25.
  • That’s it. You have successfully learned how to change or edit the name of the WhatsApp group.

How to write WhatsApp Group Name with Stylish Text
Will be updated Soon…

WhatsApp Group name character limit
25 Characters only

WhatsApp Group description character Limit
500 Characters Only

Can anyone change the WhatsApp group name
It depends on your group settings. If you set the group setting to members then any group member can change. if only admin then only admin will be able to change it.


These are some of the WhatsApp Group names for friends. Very few are repeated because of the confusion by our writers. we apologize for that and hope you ppl take it easy.

we will be updating this post regularly so stay updated. feel free to share your experience with these WhatsApp group names and also share this post with your friends.

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