300+ Internaional Import & Export Business WhatsApp Group Links List

International Import & Export WhatsApp Group Links: Hello friends, Welcome back again. this time we are back with some Trade WhatsApp group links which are import & export WhatsApp groups. If you are a businessman and have own product then you can join these groups and find international buyers. These groups are strictly not for chit chatting or for time pass and I warn you to stay away from these groups if you are not into the business. These groups are from all over the world & none of the group belongs to us and you may also find many scammers in the group so I wish you to be smart while dealing with the people who are not from your country.

import/export whatsapp group link

We already have a wide range of WhatsApp group links which are more than 100+ types of WhatsApp groups. If you have any WhatsApp group link then do share it with us via the below comment section or via the submit form. We accept any kind of WhatsApp group link and make sure you send us the group rules as well. So to join these groups simply click on the below Import WhatsApp group link or export WhatsApp group link and join them in just a single click.

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Import/Export WhatsApp Groups Rules

  • Be smart while dealing with the new people
  • You are responsible for your actions
  • Don’t trust anyone blindly
  • Deal via admin
  • No sharing of adult content
  • No advertising or promotion in the group
  • Don’t share any type of religious posts
  • Dont post spam messages
  • No off topic
  • Stay active in the group
  • Give respect & take respect
  • Do personally message any of the group members without there permission
  • For more rules please contact the admin.

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Export/Import WhatsApp Group Links

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How to Disable or Enable Whatsapp Push notification?

1. To enable or disable the notification of your WhatsApp chats simply open your WhatsApp messenger and tap on the 3dots in the right corner and select the setting options.
2. In setting select the option call notification and choose
3. By simply ticking the option it will enable the notification in your notification bar and by simply unticking it will disable the notification

How to backup WhatsApp messages?

1. To back up your chat messages go to the option and select Chat.
In chat, you will find many options. Simply scroll down and tap on backup chat messages
2. Once you select the option it will ask for your Google drive or any other backup websites and once details entered it will start taking all the messages & WhatsApp group messages backup as well. You can restore this backup anytime

How to make someone WhatsApp Group admin?

1. Goto your WhatsApp group and click on the name of the 1. group
2. Now select the user number which you want o make admin.
3. Simply click on the user number and you will get some options
4. Select the option “Make Admin” and he/she will the co-admin of your group.
5. That’s it. You have successfully made someone admin of your group.

NOTE: He/She can be able to remove you as admin or even from the WhatsApp group. so try to make only trustable people like your group admin.


These are some of our collection of Trading WhatsApp groups. If you are into international trading then only join these group. If you want to increase your earnings via trading then these are the best groups. I hope you have successfully joined these groups. if you have any problem with these groups then do comment below and do not forget to share your import/Export WhatsApp group links with us. Feel free to share your experience with this Export/Import WhatsApp group links list.

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