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Pubg WhatsApp Group links: Hello friends, welcome back to WhatsApp group join ink. this time we are back with WhatsApp pubg groups and till now we do not have a separate post for international pubg WhatsApp group so this post is going to be the one. if you are one of the pubg players and want to join the tournament groups or pubg tips and tricks groups then this is for you. to join the group you need to simply click on the group link and join them. make sure you also follow the rules of these groups which are given below. We also accept any kind of WhatsApp group on this website. all you have to do is simply comment the link at the comment section.

pubg whatsapp group links

Pubg WhatsApp Group Rules:

  • Do not personally message any of the group members without there permission
  • Give respect and take respect from the group members
  • Stay active in the group
  • no religious posts in the group
  • No fighting or abusive language should be used
  • No sharing of repeated messages in the group
  • No spamming in the group with unnecessary messages
  • No sharing of youtube videos in the group
  • No advertisement or promotion in the group
  • If you have any problem with the group or group members then contact the admin
  • for more rules please check the description or ask the admin after joining the group

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How to Revoke WhatsApp Group Invite Link?

Are you fed up of spammers? or want to stop adding more people via your WhatsApp Group invite link then there is a way to revoke your old WhatsApp group links and generate a new link people with the old link will no longer be able to join your group until & unless you share them the new link. this spammers problem is with every WhatsApp group and this is one of the most common problems of WhatsApp. so that is why WhatsApp as give the solution to revoke. so in the below steps, I am going to explain how you can revoke your WhatsApp group link which will stop members from joining the group.

Things to know about revoking the group link

  • When you revoke a WhatsApp group invite link then the people with that revoked link will not be able to join your group.
  • When people try to join with a revoked link it will show that the group link has been revoked by the group admin.
  • Once you revoke that link then the new invite link will be automatically generated.
  • If you want people to join your group from a new link then you have to share the new link to them.
  • Every WhatsApp group will have an option to revoke the invite link.
  • Do not share your invite link everywhere if you don’t want spammers
  • Make sure you use the WhatsApp group description so that whenever a new member joins the group then will first see your group rules.

If you are interested to join some public WhatsApp groups to make new friends then do check our 1000+ WhatsApp group links list. Whatever the group finds in that post is all public groups and none belongs to us.

Revoke WhatsApp Group Invite link

  • Open the group of which you want to revoke the invite link
  • Click on the name of the group and scroll down a little until you see the option “Invite Via Link”
  • Now in Invite via link option, you will see another option called “Revoke Link” which is at the end of all the options.
  • Simply click on that option and the present link will be revoked and the new one has generated automatically.
  • Now people with old invite link will no longer be able to join your WhatsApp group.

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