Join 500+ Urdu WhatsApp Group Links List 2020

urdu whatsapp group links

Urdu WhatsApp Group links: Hello People. Welcome back again. This time we are back with another language group where you will find all the Urdu WhatsApp groups

so if you speak Urdu language and want to join these groups then simply click on the below group links and it will redirect you to your WhatsApp group.

You can also share your WhatsApp Urdu groups with us and we accept all kinds of WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp Urdu Groups Rules:

  • Join these groups only if you can speak Urdu
  • 99% of these groups belong to Pakistan
  • stay active in the group
  • no sharing of religious posts in the group
  • don’t share adult content in the group
  • No sharing of repeated messages again and again
  • no sharing of any kind of off-topic messages in the group
  • If you are facing any problem with the group or with group members then please contact the group admin
  • for more rules of the group please contact the group admin

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Urdu WhatsApp Group Links List

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جنرل دنیا:

✍🏻 قرطاس و قلم ✍🏻2⃣:

✍🏻 قرطاس و قلم ✍🏻:


️ پیغام مشرق ️:


مبادئ توحید(2) :

 شرعی مسائل کا حل:


🥀UA Ruhani Center:

پرتھ دوہ اکھ آیت:

دعوت اسلامی گروپ (49):

#Promote_Uni_Students 🏻🏻:

Sales Professionals:

✍🏻 قرطاس و قلم ✍🏻:

اسان ترجمہ ایک آیت گروپ 4

YTS شعبہ خواتین پاکستان:

Class Fellow:

Fáizàn e Náàt Officiăl 1⃣:


We hope that you have successfully joined these Urdu WhatsApp groups without facing any problem.

If you found any group that is revoked or the group link is not working then do let us know about that group so that we will replace it with another one and don’t forget that you can also share your WhatsApp group with us.

Feel free to share this post with your friends & family members who can speak Urdu.

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